Balneum is a British bathroom brand which takes its inspiration from the stylish, dynamic and constantly evolving design scene in London and blends this with its knowledge and experience of other markets to produce a truly innovative, and comprehensive range. Its products have broad appeal to overseas markets and are designed to complement any bathroom.

At Balneum we understand the needs of users within challenging environments who demand high quality products at an affordable price without compromising on style. We only produce metal showers manufactured to the highest standards which means they last longer and reduce the possibility of corrosion from harsh environments and elements such as salt. We are proud to introduce our range of water saving devices which can considerably reduce water usage as well as using water more efficiently by using air intake technology. Other innovative designs include anti-scalding technology in our thermostatic showers, which helps keep all members of the family safe.

Many of our shower products are manufactured within the UK, but all of them are produced to comply with British Standards, with a five year warranty available  to give extra peace of mind